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FR509 RowaPhos fluidized reactor

FR509 RowaPhos fluidized reactor

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The FR509 is better known as a Rowaphos reactor for its common use for fluidising Rowaphos however this quality reactor can be used for carbon or fluidising sand as a biological media.

Fluidized bed media reactor, Optimal for mixing granular ferric oxide (GFO) and other media, Twist off top for easy access

The FR509 is a substantial fluidised reactor with a twist off bayonet lid to allow easy access for replacement of the media. The water is forced down a central tube and is returned back up through a diffuser plate. Sponges are fitted either side of the media section to retain the finer particles.

The lid is fitted with a tap to adjust the flow and two hosetails connected to unions for simple removal or to allow hard piping to be used.


Suitable for up to 1lt of Rowaphos or 1.2 lts of general media.

Flow rate

Up to 500lt/hr (pump not supplied)

Up to 130 USG/hr (pump not supplied)


180 mm x 140 mm x 500mm high (including fittings)

7.1" x 5.5" x 20" high (including fittings)

Single Sponge

It has been decided by the factory to only supply one sponge now on these reactors for technical reasons.

The bottom diffuser plate is sufficient to hold the media off the bottom and any fine particles are pushed out of the lower chamber when the water starts to flow.

If you have a bottom sponge then the water continually passing through the reactor brings with it detritus which slowly blocks the sponge. In extreme cases the sponge can start to move up the chamber with the force of water below it.

A top sponge is required to prevent media from being pushed out of the reactor and into the tank. This sponge will also collect the same detritus however the difference is that the top sponge is easy to remove and clean without emptying the reactor.

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