About Xenia

Our Mission

Xenia North America inc. wants to become your partner. If you need something exotic for your appartement or your buisness, help to find a solution that will respect your demands or just want to have precise information. Ask us, we can support you.

The mission of Xenia Inc. to distribute the Giesemann products is to:

  • Make your customers satisfied with our products
  • Offer innovative lighting product to the North American market
  • Help you or your business to have the most out of it's potential and join your team to be a part of your success
  • Respect eachother vision and objective and create new possibilty to improve the industrie in which we involve ourselves
Our services are offered basicaly to commercial clientele operating in the specialized aquarium retail industries and carrying a distribution network in targeted territories. Wholesalers and retailer are solicited by our prospecting team to pinpoint their specifics needs, their field of operation and their specific market penetration. Xenia is on the look out for partners willing to distribute our line of products that could answer very specific north American customer needs. Our products offers effieciency and peace of mind. We offer a manufacturer warranty and products renown for the durability. With our professional and specialized technician we can take in charge the necessary repairs on our products to offers upgraded customers services. In that way, your customer will feel great to know that somebody can help them from as far as the origin of the products he bought. Based on a solid cooperation and respect philosophy, our company takes it’s definition as a integrated part of your team. In getting agreement with solid enterprise we are ready to make that extra step to achieved customer satisfaction. You are important for our success as we want it to be for yours.