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Coral Gum, 112 g (4 oz.) 0104.740

Coral Gum, 112 g (4 oz.) 0104.740

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Epoxy resin based adhesive for safe attachment of coral offshoots on stone substrates. Dyed red, similar to calcareous algae, suitable especially for coral reef aquariums. It is also suitable for attaching glass, ceramic, wood and many plastics. Contents: 112 g (4 oz.).

For over 15 years now,...

TUNZE® has been providing coral glue to specifically promote the growth of stony corals. Our product line includes epoxy-based adhesives, and a two-component adhesive for a quick adhesion.
The coral glues do not emit any pollutants into the aquarium water and avoid an over-foaming of the skimmer.

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