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Tunze Aquarien Technik

Coral Gum instant,400g(14.11oz)

Coral Gum instant,400g(14.11oz)

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Tunze Coral Gum is by far our favorite two-part epoxy to work with for frag mounting. Coral Gum is a fast setting epoxy that gives you just enough time to get the frags in position, but it sets much faster than other aquarium epoxies so that you don't have to sit around holding the frags in place forever. It's great for mounting larger frags and small colonies because it will set up quickly and hold them in place, and also works well for small aquascaping projects.  The Tunze Coral Gum is really nice as it doesn’t have the traditional epoxy smell like most others on the market.


Coral Gum instant is a two-component coral adhesive for safe cementing coral frags to rock, frag plugs or frag disks. Coral Gum mixes up extremely clean and does not have any adhesive residues that will get on your hands or in your aquarium. 

  • No odor and does not stick to your fingers
  • Remains semi-flexible and withstands high loads
  • Easy to mix, sets quickly and has good strength
  • Cures to a purple coralline color
  • 100% Reef Safe


Two Sizes Available:

  • 104.75 Coral Gum Instant 120g (4.23 oz)
  • 104.76 Coral Gum Instant 400g (14.11 oz)
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