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Deltec Calcium Reactor twintech 3000

Deltec Calcium Reactor twintech 3000

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Fully automated calcium reactor, New CO2 saturation and degassing technology, Achieves stable KH while regulating CO2 gas, Easily adjustable controller, Audible CO2 alarm when out

Technical Details

  • Aquariumsize: up to 3,000 litres
  • Water supply: 3-350 litre / day
  • Degasing: every 3-200 litres
  • Volume: 10 litres
  • Medium: 13,5 kg Rowa lith W grain size 12-16 mm

Product Details

  • Highly efficient by achieving lowest ph values
  • Easy adjustable with controller
  • Stable operation without complex readjustment
  • Fully automatic degassing Stable KH valutes
  • Audible warning when CO2 is consumed
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