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Genesis Rock and Genesis Rock Booster is a new option for adding a massive amount of surface area for bacterial colonization without taking up too much space in your aquarium system. The very swanky packaging for the Genesis Rock contains two blocks of ceramic beads sintered together into a square block measuring 4 x 4 x 7/8 of an inch thick which provide more than 1,000 square meters or up to 11,000 square feet of surface area.                                                                                                            The very manageable size of the Genesis Rock ‘bio-block’ means it will be easier than ever to tuck them into many spaces of your aquarium including your all in one filter section, overflow boxes, and of course anywhere in your sump that has a respectable flow rate. The hard ceramic Genesis Rock is sturdy enough that we wouldn’t hesitate to use several of them as a makeshift protein skimmer stand or in certain parts of our aquascapes that need a little elevation.                                      What makes the Polyp Lab Genesis Rock Booster package particularly interesting is that it is bundled with the company’s own bacteria booster called Genesis which is a custom blend of bacterial strains with concentrations of over 80 billion cells/mL. 

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