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Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040

Hydrofoamer Silence 9420.040

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This pump specifically developed for protein skimmers can be fitted to the Master DOC Skimmer 9420 or 9460 in addition which increases the skimming capacity per Hydrofoamer to suit a tank volume of about 2,000 litres (528 USgal.). TUNZE® Hydrofoamer 9420.04 can also be used as a standard dispergator on every conventional skimmer of this size on the market.
Technical data:
Mains connection: 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz), 2 m (78.7 in.) cable.
Maximum air capacity: 1,200 l/h (317 USgal./h) at a water flow rate of 1,000 l/h (264 USgal./h).
Energy consumption: 15W at an air capacity of 1,200l/h (317 USgal./h).
Motor with protective thermostat. Pump outlet with ¾ in. BSP thread (NPT). Pump housing with strainer and silencer.
Pump drive: Rotor with high-performance one-part magnet, with all-ceramic bearing.
Equipped with coupling and silencer.

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