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Tunze Aquarien Technik

Osmolator® Controller for 3155

Osmolator® Controller for 3155

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There are two sensors implemented into the TUNZE Osmolator 3155®, whereas an operating sensor is used to monitor the water level and a safety sensor to prevent an overfilling of the aquarium. The operating sensor scans the water surface, and triggers the controller if the water level falls below the preset water threshold. This switches on the metering pump, which then conveys a sufficient amount of water from the reservoir into the aquarium to replenish the evaporated water. After this process has concluded, the controller which is equipped with an electronic time monitoring, automatically switches
off the metering pump. The operating sensor should fail due to technical reasons, the safety sensor will prevent an overfilling of the aquarium, and a signal tone will be emitted. If the metering pump runs longer than 10 minutes it will be shut off for safety reasons. Due to the high rate of evaporation in aquariums with more than 1,000l (264 USgal.) we recommend the use of the switched socket outlet 3150.11 (10) with the recirculation pump Silence 1073.02 or 1073.04
instead of the metering pump 5000.02.

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