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Care Magnet Strong

Care Magnet Strong

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The Care Magnet is a glass pane cleaner which offers an ergonomic handle, and special plastic blades made of wear-resistant high performance plastic. It is significantly more compact than conventional algae magnets with a large cleaning
surface, which blends into its surroundings unobtrusively, therefore enabling it to remain within the aquarium without disrupting the overall scenery. Scratches on the aquarium glass pane can be avoided by using this glass pane cleaner. With its small plastic blade it can even be used on acrylic glass panes to a certain degree. The inner magnet is more than 3mm away from the aquarium glass pane, and thus prevents a jamming of the aquarium sand. Be careful when using partially magnetic sand (Hawaiian Black)! The two plastic blades remove the algae considerably better from the glass panes than a flat cleaning surface - almost as good as a sharp metal blade. The life of a blade is from several months up to approx. one
year. The low flow resistance during the cleaning with a simultaneous high magnetic coupling, makes a separation of the magnet nearly impossible.

If the Care Magnet 0220.015, 0220.020 or 0220.025 is used on aquarium glass panes with particularly tough algae, e.g. older deposits on the side walls or thick calcareous algae, the large blade can be expanded with the included special stainless steel blade.

For panes with a glass thickness from 15 mm (1/2") to max. 20 mm (3/4"). Width 86 mm (3.4 in.), length 140 mm (5.5 in.).
Including a stainless steel blade and two spare plastic blades.

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