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Tunze RO water controller 8555

Tunze RO water controller 8555

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TUNZE® RO Water Controller 8555 is an automatic water level regulator for the TUNZE® RO Station with pure water tank or with any other water tank with an automatic refill system for aquariums. It consists of a controller, two sensors, a water valve, and an 12 V power supply unit. Depending on the demand, the water valve can be fitted for submerged operation by means of the switched socket outlet 3150.110 for mains operation.
We do not recommend this refill unit for Nano RO Station 8515.
If the position of the sensors of the RO Water Controller is reversed, the switched socket outlet 3150.110 and a pump can be used to empty a water tank, and thus it can also be used for automatic filling or emptying of tanks. By means of two combinations, a water changing system can be built.

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